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  • Olympic ideal

    Apparently the Olympic committee do raise funds to help promote sport in developing countries. This is great news!In addition, the stated and published Olympic ideals are also great: They concern human rights of everyone to play sports, a sense of… Read More ›

  • Connect to Unify = UN1TY

    The word unity has a number of definitions: The state or quality of being one; singleness. The state or quality of being in accord; harmony. The combination or arrangement of parts into a whole; unification. A combination or union thus… Read More ›

  • Not in my face

    One the things that I feel strongly about are the awful right that all smokers believe that they have to simply light-up and smoke in public. Although recent survey data suggests that the majority of the UK public would support… Read More ›

  • 15th ride from Birmingham to London (25th July ’04)

    This years Sikh Arts & Cultural Association (SACA) annual Birmingham to London has attracted over 350 riders from around the UK and from all communities. Amazingly, it is the 15th ride and the organising committee are optimistic about smashing their… Read More ›

  • Commuter Friends on the train ride of life

    I recently heard of a charming story regarding the building of relationships… A few weeks back I happened to ‘bump into’ the same person a few time in the first class carriage / compartment/ cabin of an over ground train… Read More ›