BBC One show mocks India – disgraceful 

I was so appalled with the attitude portrayed by the one show today.They sent 2 reporters to Mumbai to talk about the rail service there as part of BBC 2’s India week.

The report was mocking in terms of boarder line patronising.We need to respect the lives of Indians that struggle daily.

I’ve called this piece:

Mocking Jai

Sniggering snipes get a holiday out there
To stand with the locals & simply stare
I haven’t been squeezed amongst so many men since ladies night at the Palais
I’m ready to run with thousands of women into the carriage

Nice to travel and show local struggles
Of a norm of life
Nice to mock those that got dished the strife
Of a norm of their life

9 people die each day
Ignore that comment, chuckle & mock away
9 people die each day he says again
Take that smile of your face

A colonial attitude of grace and superiority, leaving
Blood curdling jealousy

It left a nation in tatters and starvation
Of blood of my brothers
Of transfers of monetary powers

To return home
A countless supply of jokes and Cokes
A disrespect
A place of one siders and those that struggle to hope

In summary, how about some compassion about the land that continues to juggle multiple languages and religions. Let us not mock the land of haves and have nots. Instead, discuss the connections between the East and the West – only then can we collectively achieve respect.

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