The Sounds of Space

I was inspired to write this today, having watched the following video:

The Sounds of Space

We think we’re so great on this land of birth
Yet we’re just a spec with no settlement or worth
We bitch and position our egos so high
Yet we’re fools as no one will remember us when we die

Look in and out as far as you can
The stars in the sky were once part of your plan
Are we significant in time and space
Only for an instance if you have any grace

That instance is all you need
To live in the moment and remove all that greed
That attention you seek is already in motion
For you’re only here to give your devotion

We think we’re so great in this land of birth
With plenty of time to accumulate a net worth
We think we’re tall as we clamber between rocks and crawl
Yet in the mix of it all we’re all in free fall

Categories: 2014, Blogging, Environmental, Interfaith, Spirtuality, Video finds

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