A solution for ISIS

I was going to write a long article about how we can derive solutions. Instead, I’ve composed the following poem considering that we seemed to be leaving it to our politicians to come up with a solution. To let them pose in front of the steps of buildings, especially as if they are the experts. To date, the problems are getting worse. Fueling the perpetrators of immorality is a mystery, or is it?

I’m trying to communicate a message of opening a channel. If the killings by ISIS continue is it because they (ISIS) are so brainwashed for their cause? How can we reach them and ask them to consider the ripple effect they are creating and the impact on the other lives. They too have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.
Just because the latter are from a different faith does that mean that humanity is completely discounted if you are not from the same faith?
Somebody needs to tell them (ISIS) that God created millions of species of plant and living organisms.
Anyway, I wrote the following poem to suggest that we as the public need to push harder for a solution.

Don’t let Apathy become me

I sit here waiting for a solution
Swimming and swallowing Chlorine in the face of being fed resolutions in an effort to cleanse my soul
Tomorrow is another day that a death will become me
I am apathy waiting for someone else to solve our problems.

There is no need to engage in discussion I’ve just had my tension raised in the hope of aligning myself with those who have no answers
A talk of leadership is distilled on a public front
Who knows what is going on behind hidden in those trunks

Deals and wheels of destruction await
Everyone considers themselves as great
To be written down as saviors in the halls of fate
Yet there is no salvation as there is too much mist hiding its gate

I’m apathy as my voice has been conditioned, transfixed and to not be considered to find a solution
I await others to fix the problem
To arm, not farm
To kill on a bill

Hate is propagated through channels
The beheading continue to provoke an attack
I’m a leader standing in the dark
I’m damned if I do
I’m damned if I don’t fight back

My friend is now my foe
I dealt him a blow with my dough
My arms are now his weapons
Yet he has forgotten to talk
I’ve become my apathy, all I have left is a lonely walk

Remember we are one as once we were
We are tagging each other in a vain of distinction
They spill blood on our hands of our brothers and sisters
We need to stop, sink towards a melting pot of hope
They must talk not shock
Consider the privilege of life, just talk, just don’t stop
Otherwise the alternative is we will all die and drop…

Categories: 2014, Anti-Terrorism

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