Posts for 2004

Say NO to Nuclear

There appears to be a sudden resurgence of thinking around Nuclear Power. The concept now being introduced is that it could help to resolve the energy crisis. Little do most people know that almost 78% of the power produced in… Read More ›

Freedom to spend

At this time of year, the streets are lined with Christmas decorations, coloured lights and illuminated fir trees. The atmosphere projected is one of a welcoming air of joy and warmth. People are rushing about from shop-to-shop, with a cluster… Read More ›

Turning off hate?

This week, it has now been a year since I started writing a weekly column for the Sikh Times. I’d like to thank the team for their continuing support and commitment to this publication. Over the last year I would… Read More ›

ID Cards : Need Vs Want

I recently saw the ‘strap line’ (advertising phraseology for catchy marketing line / pitch) ‘Need Vs Want’. The hoarding also boldly declared that there was a ‘thin line’ between each word. If we go back to basics, we can observe… Read More ›