Dr Savi has written a number of Non-Fiction & Fiction based books.
His latest book is available from the following link:


Other publications/Projects:

AgilefromScratchinsidecover    10yearsofbloggingoutsidecover1     SGCompanion-FrontCover     pws-techniques-v1

His highly successful manual & CD ROM on helping to close the digital divide in society entitled, ‘e-Citizen’, is still available in hardback from a number of resellers.

eCitizenbyDrSavi    e-CitizenCD

He is also currently working on 2 books.

  • The Keyboard – A fictional story based in the cut throat and back biting world of business outsourcing. You can read an extract from the following link.
  • Light Sabre – A compilation of series of poems written since his teens. The poems are a commentary of the time, sometimes dark but always offering hope.

A series of best practice books on New Media and Business Management will also be released over the coming months.

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