Smiles and Samosas at number 10

From my forthcoming book : 30 years for Justice and Hope. This is one of the last few poems featured in the edition.

Smiles & Samosas at number 10

I sit and watch by the sidelines
A silent thinker, commentator and helpless freedom instigator
Watching the world ignore my plight
For justice and hope that is simply in plain sight

Yet the deniers flock to the court ready to mingle about
Yes they and some raise the doubt
Their profiles of achievement cannot be disputed
For many it’s earned but beware some are not as reputed

A clear opportunity for the raising of who we are
Our standing, monetary & humanitarian work has made us go far
It’s all good says the prime
Thanks for all the dimes

All would jump to attend
To eat hot samosas and be part of the trend
Are we just jealous bores with no cause
Or, is there more to it to make us simply draw straws

When will our turn come clean
To tell people what it was like to dream
Why is being given the chance to reveal our truth such a chore
We will never forget 1984

Categories: 2014, Media Watch, Political comment

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