My latest poem – Hush

Based on recently released UK government papers my thoughts go to the all the innocent lives left to die in 1984.
The title of this piece is called HUSH.

Its short yet from the depths of a Sikh soul that continues to keep the issue alive, i.e: Justice and Hope.

We must never forget how cruel ‘a man’ can be to another. Imagine maintenance staff picking up gold jewelry from the victims of the Nazi Gas chambers. That is how low an man can go. A brother will sell his own soul to seek hate on another and then programme ongoing generations to perpetuate the same damaging emotion. Why? No one ever returned from the dead, people forget they leave everything behind.


Smile in your face
Keep actions under wraps
Fiction is fiction but let us create a set of believable facts

Above board are the board of directors
Those people & shareholders will never know
Private vs public transactions from double crossers who say they are not your foes

While words of pity and sorry are pitched like oscar winners
The truth is locked way in cabinets, not so like the real sinners

One random day unleached are selective government papers
Its time to move on, isn’t it, asks the researcher and some haters?

Just as a nazi mysteriously rapidly disappears from public gaze
So does the hurt of a genocide for some people think that it will fade…

We won’t be deterred from getting justice as we will remember 1984 for all of our days.

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