Dr Savi is qualified with a PhD, MBA and PGDMS and founder and company director of KHL Interactive.
He has worked for a number of large corporations in the capacity of senior business management.

Public Broadcaster
Dr Savi appears on MCPS-PRS licensed:

  • Smoothgroovers.com
  • Sikhwithin.com

In addition, Dr Savi has appeared on BBC TV and Radio sharing views on New Media, Interfaith and encouraging greater understanding of each other.
He is also a presenter on Sikh Channel.

Over the years he has published a number of books and is currently working on a series of best practice management texts and a novel based on the greed of the 80s and 90s!

Check out some of his publications from the following link:
Dr Savi’s Books

What I believe:

Life is too short, we need to respect each other and aim for harmony and equality.

People who believe that true celebrities are those that care for each other and who give service to humanity selflessly.

3 replies

  1. Its been a long time since you appeared on Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones.

    When are you doing it again?

    Sat Sri Akal from Kuldip Gill

  2. hi Im SK Venkataraman Chief Strategy Officer at Apollo Hospitals,Chennai.

    I like your comments about Michael Wood and completely endorse them

    Pl do keep up the good work in a indifferent India.

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