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  • Six a song

    Its interesting that the recent Black Eyed Peas record entitled ‘Where is the love’ stayed at number one for quiet a few weeks. Was the music or the message within it? At least if it was the latter there is… Read More ›

  • Football crazy ? Who are the real winners?

    With flags waving from passenger car windows, fever pitch is with us again during the Euro2004 campaign. However, ever wondered how football became so popular over the last 10 years with club management and footballers claiming & gaining huge hikes… Read More ›

  • Does G8 = Jee ate

    Ever wondered what it would be like to attend the G8 summit. Just imagine being a fly on the wall in one of the conference rooms where some of the worlds leader’s get together to, to what? At the G8… Read More ›

  • Remembering the innocent

    Rajinder had just been pushed to the ground, falling sideways, he grazed his arm and leg. His skin stung from the scratches incurred against the sharp gravel he was thrust against. He staggered forward and with difficulty managed to pick… Read More ›

  • Ironic

    Ever been asked what the definition of irony is? Try to think of an example. You could always use the one about the first non-Hindu Prime Minister of India. In 1984 the world viewed the media blackout and violence against… Read More ›