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  • Everybody needs good neighbours

    ‘Top of the morning to you.’ Its going to be a nice day today’. ‘Look’s like the weather’s going to be a bit mild today’. These statements sum up some of daily comments made by my neighbours. These comments appear… Read More ›

  • 50 years later

    Just imagine a time when the UK and US were predominately missing our Asian presence. It wasn’t just the Windrush boat that brought over many Caribbean immigrants. Post the West’s calls for labor, the message also ‘rang out’ to the… Read More ›

  • September 11 Fallout

    On the 4th anniversary of September 11th further shocking news has been revealed. Some say that carcinogens that spewed out from the burning debris may not cause a health risk to most New York residents. However, the infants of women… Read More ›

  • End of the innocence

    What are they thinking? How deep is there emotion? Do they have any emotions? Are they in ‘it’ for revenge or do they view themselves as an ‘arm’ of change? Their pent-up emotions appear to be a key driver for… Read More ›

  • Striking at the heart of hate

    There are many stress based situations one can find oneself in. As we grow up we may have to deal with a lot of what I call ‘violent noise’, for example: the possibility of being bullied. Relationships can initially appear… Read More ›