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  • What is fair trade?

    On Friday 24 September the Fair-trade Foundation won the Charity of the Year award at the Fifth Annual UK Charity Awards ceremony. This year’s winners included stories of personal courage and dedication in every field of not-for-profit endeavour. The Fair-trade… Read More ›

  • Finding Peace

    Recently on BBC (UK) Radio 4 I heard an Israeli spokesperson repeatedly justified his country’s claim to defend itself against Hamas. Hamas is not an abbreviation but a nickname. It comes from the Arabic word for ‘zeal’. The full name,… Read More ›

  • Bollywood Always Betrays

    What kind of film can we make that will attract the masses, yield entertainment and generate cash? Shall we go for the fusion experience? You know the one with a catchy chant-along-a-tune with a cross-cultural racial theme. While we are… Read More ›

  • 2005 will be 20 years since Band Aid

    Twenty years on from the 1984 famine, chronic poverty is still widespread in Ethiopia and will continue to rob children of their future unless donations help to commit to more long-term aid that invests in development. This is the vivid… Read More ›

  • Reality Bites hard

    How clean is your house? House Doctor. Get a new life. Big Brother. X-Factor. Pop Idol. Fame Academy. Changing Rooms…. The public thirst for reality shows appears to be endless. I’ve even seen an advertisement for a show that attempts… Read More ›