End of the innocence

What are they thinking? How deep is there emotion? Do they have any emotions? Are they in ‘it’ for revenge or do they view themselves as an ‘arm’ of change? Their pent-up emotions appear to be a key driver for their leaders. Together they attempt to ensure the slaughter of their potential victims to yield shock and leverage for their cause. Yet all they achieve is recognition of their cowardice, married to the death of innocence.
This weekend 338 people were killed when Chechen rebels seized a Russian school, while officials express remorse over the carnage. It appears that explosives had been pre-loaded or stored for the siege and when the recovery operation commenced, events took a terrible turn. Russian officials initially spoke of a 32-member group including Chechen separatists and 10 Arab fighters and said three of the hostage-takers had been captured alive. But later they said all the hostage-takers were killed and three suspected accomplices had been detained.

In just over two weeks, separatists, who have waged a 10-year armed uprising in Chechnya, have also been blamed for bringing down two airliners, killing 90 people, and a suicide bombing in which nine people were killed in central Moscow.

The violence appears to be reaching new levels and negotiation or settlement appears to be difficult to achieve.

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