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  • Are we too insular?

    Education, Education Education’. This phrase often spouted during electoral campaigns as one of those essential issues that ‘strike’ at the heart of the nation concerns. With the advent of new technology providing new ways of viewing and analysing information there… Read More ›

  • A Passion for fruit

    Think back to a late Sunday in March 2004. It was a celebration day for India’s test match delivery. I was walking down Southall Broadway and was amazed at the number of Indian flags wrapped around necks, backs and from… Read More ›

  • A negative tide

    With the terrible bombings in Spain on Thursday 11th March, the world continues to watch as an unknown evil force unleashes its destructive power. With many affected both physically and mentally, a view of resilience and defiance to the terrorists… Read More ›

  • Let it Flow…

    I remember what someone once said to me, ‘There’s a book in all of us’. I wonder if that person should really have meant that each one of us is story in our own right’.I believe that train journey’s can… Read More ›

  • Remember at the end of 2003, when it was reported that millions turned-up to wave the England flag to celebrate in the joy of the England rugby team winning the World cup? Did you wear your England shirt? Did you… Read More ›