The rotting man

Easter weekend has in recent years now begun to also be associated with one of the business Do it yourself (DIY) times of the year. DIY centres can be seen buzzing with offers and punters galore.

I have to admit that I too was out and about. On the Sunday with a gardener to hack through the garden evergreens with my new chainsaw! On the Monday with screwdriver in hand trying to put up some lighting that had to be replaced.

However, I have to share with you some thoughts. Life has a purpose and often there are things that happen to you that remind you of how difficult it can be for some.
Rather morbidly I heard that someone had been found dead in her apartment after almost 2 years. Apparently, some inspectors called round to a house due to non-payment of Bills. As they entered the house they must have seen the decomposing corpse. Sadly, they also saw some Christmas presents that had not been opened.

As I ran around the town centre on Sunday trying to find some household cleaners I walked past the church. On a bench sat a man crouched over. His feet appeared curled and each foot nail was decomposing. I walked approx five feet in front of him. Unfortunately he reeked of the most awful smell. Maybe he had not bathed for a while.

These two examples show us that life can rot away unless we strive to ask ourselves the following questions.

In a world of so much health care why do people on our doorsteps go unnoticed?
Could it be that in some situations the issue of someone sleeping on a park bench maybe more than a homelessness issue. Maybe there are other factors such as mental stability or personal problems.

In a world of so much communication why do we not bother to with the concept of collaborative communities – i.e: looking out for each other or even contacting the council to ensure that their obligations to help are assured.

In a world of so much goodness why is it that an apathetic attitude prevails.
In some cases many may simply walk away considering that it is somebody else’s problem. The truth is that our attitude should be one of responsibility. Maybe we are too programmed to simply turn our heads away and ignore the issue.

In a world of charity why is it that some are missed?
We need to tell / guide our councillors on the priorities in our local areas.

In a world where we strive to improve our cosmetics / houses the world besides us rots?
I suggest that next time we put some energy into a spring clean or any personal improvement initiative, should we not also consider allocating some of our household budget to helping those around us.

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