Does success breed arrogance? More on the need for Corporate Responsibility

I recently watched Dragon’s Den episode’s two and three. The programme format consists of would be entrepreneurs ‘pitching’ for funds to develop their business ideas and dreams – In return experienced business directors who are now multi-millionaires decide on the viability of the idea and whether or not they should invest their money and back it. I wondered if arrogance is a by-product of success. Maybe it is the way the programme is edited or maybe it’s the playing up to the camera? I just can’t get over the arrogance of the panel. Sure, they have made it – whatever that means – They may now be multi-millionaires but are they humble? You know, they maybe and we shouldn’t believe all that we view/see – especially as the programme is probably highly edited for viewing purposes! Then again, am I boosting rating by not only watching it but talking about it!

I run a small company and everyday it is about trying to find new opportunities, ensuring/ maintaining good relationships and deliver true value to clients. I would not be a nice person to do business with if I demonstrated any arrogance factor. Take for example, the other day when someone called-up asking a series of questions straight away. As we get many crank and junk calls from call centres (they must have got purchased our trading address from somewhere!) we tend to ask who is calling. Unfortunately I may have been too questioning and subsequently ‘turning off’ the person I was talking to. The conversation got to a point where the caller almost hung-up. I apologised if I was not clear in my communication and luckily the caller stayed on and we pursued a really good conversation. It was a demonstration of how one can unintentionally be misconstrued, especially in an era where reliance of audio rather than video communications is still strong. During my call I suggested that I did not want to be perceived with the same attitude of a ‘Dragon’ from the treaded Den.

So, does success breed arrogance? I remember when working for one company a story where someone said, ‘Look over there, that man is the president of the firm.’ Someone asked, ‘How come he is always smiling?’ A returning comment from a passer-by was, ‘Hey if you had that much money, maybe you’d be smiling all day

I have a friend of mine who has done very well in business. He is an example of humbleness and politeness. He also encourages those around him – providing inspiring thoughts. I do not see arrogance in his eyes. A sense of giving is good to receive, yet he also says (in a non-arrogant way) that he achieves pleasure in giving good business advice and seeing others succeed.

! I guess the lesson we can learn is the importance of humility. I’m certainly impressed with Bill and Melissa Gates, their foundation’s (see: website states ‘the foundation’s global health mission is to help ensure that lifesaving advances in health are created and shared with those who need them most. We focus on accelerating access to existing vaccines, drugs, and other tools to fight diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries, and we support research to discover new health solutions that are effective, affordable, and practical for use in poor countries.’

Maybe there is hope for us? Maybe there are some that lead the way in ensuring that a sickening desire for money does not cloud their judgement to be giving, to share and help others.

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