18th Birmingham to London Cycle Ride

Over the last 18 years SACA, Sikh Arts and Cultural Association (SACA) have raised Thousands of pounds for children’s charities, for example:
Help a London Child (Capital Radio FM), Cash for Kids (BRMBFM), Wolverhampton Children’s ward, Ealing Hospital, ‘Playground in the Sky’,
Dr Barnado’s, Contact a Family, Red Cross, dEBra (skin disorder charity) Downs Syndrome Research Foundation, SCOPE, NSPCC and Whizz Kids.

The charity selected this year was Children with Leukaemia

Night Rain!
Having taken the coach-up on the 20th July – Incidentally, it was still raining by the time we got to Birmingham!

Good Morning Cyclists!
Over 300 cyclists started from Smethwick Gurdwara on Saturday morning. (21st July at approximately 7:45am). 75% of the day and close to 80% of the first day’s 100 miles was covered with the rain just pelting down.

Cyclists rode all day taking limited breaks with a great support crew – between steep and subtle hills (multi-levels and ones that felt like the were going on and on…) closing off the first leg of the weekend event in Luton with a wonderful reception at Luton Gurdwara.

The Second Day
On the second day the sun came out together with some cool breezes. Cyclist zoomed past St Albans and reached the infamous hill in Elstree, just after Radlett. Happy to have tackled the final big hill, lunch was served before the final leg home to West London!

A Fantastic Reception – Probably the biggest ever !

During the event’s finale, in Southall a 1 mile procession that included cyclists, official support vehicles and open air sound systems from Fantasia sounds.

After the finishing parade on the Southall Broadway at 3pm, the ride finished at Southall park. This year an open air concert was organised to greet the riders and everyone involved. The committees, various crews and cyclist families and supporters really enjoyed the show. The event was also supported by Channel Punjab (who also recorded the entire 2 day event for a future documentary),

The SACA organisation is grateful to all the support teams, 300+ cyclists and their receiving families. The langar and reception was excellent and enjoyed by all.

A team effort
In addition, the SACA organisation would like to Thank all that took part in this ride, the list of organisers and organisations below is not exhaustive.

The ride committee (Dr Savi, Dave, Sandy, Pala, Jas, Harmi, Ranj, Sati, Bobby, Ester, Arv, Raj, Chas, Jatinder, Tony, Manjit Singh, Harminder, Jas Gill, Sharan, Happy, Gurdeep, Hardeep, Sukh, The Panesar brothers, Dr Rajdeep, Dr Rosie, Harry, Taran, Verinder, all the ride marshals and support crew………. ).
Channel Punjab, Rocky’s, Herbies & the various ride sponsors, Metropolitan Police and Metropolitan Police Sikh Association and Gurdwara’s in Smethwick (Birmingham) and Luton.

… and all that took part to make this ride a safe and fun event.

PS The picture below is my father, Pritam Singh and I in the park – at the Riders Finale event.

Dr Savi and Father, Mr Pritam Singh

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