15th ride from Birmingham to London (25th July ’04)

This years Sikh Arts & Cultural Association (SACA) annual Birmingham to London has attracted over 350 riders from around the UK and from all communities. Amazingly, it is the 15th ride and the organising committee are optimistic about smashing their fund raising target. This year the ride is focused on raising funds for SCOPE – Helping to raise money for disabled children.

On the evening of Friday 23rd July riders from around the UK assembled in Birmingham, Smethwick. After an evening of resting, they were ready to start their 15th ride from Birmingham to London on Saturday morning.

After a day of riding across a wide range of terrains, completing the equivalent of four marathons (100 miles with approx 20-mile interval pit stops) the riders reached Luton. For many riders it was their first time but for the veterans they enjoyed the annual challenge. NB Some riders train throughout the year and take it very seriously in terms of pacing. However, for the majority and the projected ethos of the ride is ‘fun through fitness’. On route, the riders are divided into marshalled teams and everyone realises the importance of the event being a ride rather than a race.

The final day started with the Majoress of Luton and other dignitaries launching the last 30 miles. The riders then rode through St Albans, Radlett and Harrow. The veterans and the virgin riders took on the ‘the hill’, aka the Elstree hill with a welcome ice cream at the pit stop at the top!
The grand finale took place in Southall, West London, with a 2-mile stretch of riders, bikes, support crews, dancers and open juggernauts with ‘live’ DJ acts.

The event organisers would like to thank all the sponsoring firms, riders, their families, the welcome crowd, SCOPE and all those that gave up their time and energy to perform on behalf of this annual fitness for charity challenge.

A presentation & show is now planned for October to present the total sums raised.
Press Release : Written by Dr S S Arora For information and contact information on SACA, please visit WWW.CHARITYBIKERIDE.COM.

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