The real Slumdog Millionaires: Behind cinema fantasy, mafia gangs deliberately crippling children for profit

I’m grateful to a Facebook friend who kindly sent me this link:
We all know that this is going on, albeit that the movie’s timeline suggests that that was then and the modern skyscrapers are now.

The article talks about the real slumdog millionaire situation. How children head for Mumbai, get picked-up by disturbed, greedy and demented individuals who amputate their limbs, get them addicted to substances and then put them to work for up to £50 per day – collecting their takings in return for a drug top-up!!!

What kind of world are we living in. What kind of doctors can consider selling childrens organs for profit or doing and charging amputations for £100 a time!?

I’ve seen the movie Slumdog millionaire and it will be in my top 10 films of all time. Not only because it is filmed in a way that touches the soul (NB I don’t understand the ‘feel good factor’ commercial marketing / tagline / positioning of this film!?) but because makes you realise that the world needs to come together to root-out the evil of inequality and poverty. It reminds us that we must not forget our mission in life – to help others and press for harmonisation.

Yes, I do hark on about the need for harmonisation.
Until the corporate world realises (UK spelling!) that they have a responsibility too, the developing world will replicate the mistakes of the developed world.

Until we ‘burn’ the drug harvests, these control devices will continue to cause pain.

Our hands are tied by the politicians who struggle to make change happen… It is going to be up to us, the people to shout louder and LOUDER for change to happen…

Watch the the video to see India’s contrast on so many levels…

Closing Thoughts…
Does money bring happiness?
What does that woman at the glitzy red carpet event mean by, ‘It’s celebrating human spirit, its celebrating the people who live in the slums’?
I find the latter offensive as there should be no slums…
Will we ever be able to make a sequel that showed how the world eradicated this situation? I hope so, I really do.

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