Oscars 2009

In ’05 I wrote: http://www.saviarora.com/oscar-fright/. Then in ’07 I wrote: http://www.saviarora.com/oscar-wild-2/

Interestingly, It has been a while since I said anything about the movies and ironically with all my thoughts in recent years about the unnecessary lavishness of the Oscars I did buy a monthly season ticket for my local theatre. Could it be that the older I get the more I want to view and appreciate the effort involved in any movie project?  Or, is it that since the success of the film Slumdog millionaire I feel a sense that art can change the world? Not sure yet as I know that the £200M that has already been recorded at the box office for the latter mentioned film will certainly raise some capital for trust funds for the actors et al. However, what about the situation today and all those who continue to struggle for survival?

The raising of awareness has to be one thing that has come out of the ’09 Oscars, i.e: honouring the film with an avalanche of awards. I hope that this momentum will continue to raise an air of conciousness.

Over the last month it has been difficult to find time to update my blog. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, being away for a few days in the early part of Feb ’09 – in the Subcontinent (India), getting sick on the last couple of days there and then returning back to London to the cold!

During the trip I remember a child who approached me at on an auto-rickshaw, the one time that I took one from Noida to Central Delhi. We were stuck at a traffic light and the child held out his hand and repeating over and over again a request for money. Above me was one of the many fly-overs being constructed for the Commonwealth games to be held I believe next year. We had also just passed a number of recent construction sites for new offices all showing sign boards of many recognisable western organisation’s – probably keen to pursue their cost containment strategies.

I wondered why this world is full of double standards. In one part of the world we have barefeet rag clothed children, the women who work on   Highway construction sites under the sweltering sun – carrying rocks on their heads on trays and make shift tents for thousands of families. In Hollywood we see the press hoovering around the bold and the beautiful people (actors) trying to pretend to be real people.

In 2009 some of the real people (Actors selected from the 19 million who live in the slums in Mumbai) turned up to the ceremony, will the world wake-up and ask for change or simply wait for the next premiere as life passes us by…?

Check out the double standards on the following vid. As the interviews are taking place with the kids of the Slumdog Millionare movie, a not so subtle shot of SJP ‘kicks in’ showing the array of frocks and celebs. What about the question at the end, would you rather be at home playing video games!! I believe that question was for one of the 2 little ones who live in the slums,  enough said!

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