At last, a very appropriate track for the Inaugural Neighborhood ball

Clearly romance is in the air. Imagine dancing with your loved one with Beyonce singing a song originally issued by Etta James in the background.
It is great to see the new president in town, ‘getting on down’. Thanks to a Facebook friend who pointed this one out.
I hope the dynamism that appears in the air will take us through our current times.
I loved the fact that he recognises the need for greater harmonisation – We need this more than ever as the economies plunge.
After all the celebrations are over, let us hope that just like President Kennedy we get something like the Peace Corps as a lasting initiative.

Stevie and Sting are also inspiring – Maybe they’ll issue a CD with all this great music – recording a sense of hope…

What is really signed, sealed and delivered ? Its the latter word for the world we need to focus on now:

Categories: 2009, Media Watch, Obama

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