Will Obama bring real change ?

DC’s filling up as I write. Aspirations are high. Expectations are being set, all consolidating into a sense of hope. Maybe thinking about doing good can eventually lead people to perform good?

I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday about the real causes of the world’s issues today.
For example, hunger, famine, destruction, disputes over territory, poverty, alcholism and the manifestation of drugs in all walks of life. Shall I go on?

Obama lead his successful campaign on a ticket that sells change – Sorry about that pun but money talks, even though much of it has been lost into a black-hole due to a combination of over zealous bankers and the publics cry for property acquistion.

What are the causes of today’s problems
Unless we stop the shipment of arms and both stop the production and transportation of drugs, these evil entities will make it more diffcult to keep our hopes for change to affect our lives for the better. In Gene Rodenberry’s world of Star Trek he established that the human race had resolved these issues. A world of plenty in terms of food and opportunity had been acomplished.

I keep talking about the need for world harmonisation as a project for recovery. For example, developed countries helping under-developed countries. I sometimes feel that I’m shouting in the dark about the need for greater corporate responsibility and communities to weed out instigators of terror. I talk about the need for a second coming for a Marshal plan, just like the one that rebuilt Japan and German post WW2. The billions being spent on bailouts just show us that money can be made available – and I don’t care if people say that this is a nieve way of looking at the problem. Maybe we should take a % from Swiss bank accounts!

Obama’s hope…
It is good to see Obama take the stand. Yes he is black and we have come a long way to assure opportunities. I wish him the best but believe that it is people that make the change not just politicians.

Today we need hope and if Obama brings that to the US and the world that is great.

Will Obama’s momentum be the world’s gain ? It is up to us to take the initiative…

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