Architects of peace are needed for Gaza

Over the last 6 days I’ve had some major heating issues – in short the gas man fixed our boiler then 4 hours later the system stopped.

I wondered how quickly we feel the cold, yet in a world where people are quick to bomb each other families lie in the corridors of their houses hoping that the walls will not collapse around them.

On page 3 of the UK Sunday Guardian I read the most harrowing accounts of citizens in Gaza living in fear.
NB There is fear on both sides.

I also watched what I believe to a reporter on the news pleading with the United Nations to intervene.
There is frustration all around. Speculation as to who backs who. Yet, the architects of peace cannot come to the fore.

It is good that there are people willing to position themselves to liaise. However, the wounds are deep and as the violence thickens there is a danger that the next generation will surface as they cannot see solutions during their childhood.
The imposed news blackout should be challenged. Maybe technology can help cut strips out of the black curtain of turmoil.

With regard to solutions, a ceasefire is a must. A conference with experienced negotiators needs to be established so that all sides can see the history of the situation and exhibit innovation for establishing creative solutions? Can there not be a join redevelopment plan that not only rebuilds infrastructure and trading but also mutual trust?

I hope that peace will come to the middle east. Right now my heating problems are minor as a least I can get a hot water bottle for another night.

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  1. Totally agree. We are seeing some horrific pictures on the News broadcasts in Australia. As a parent the images of injured children are the most upsetting. The Gaza war is only likely to create more hatred and violence.

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