Trust in business

In a recent post I said I’d talk about one of my recent escapades, re: business trust.
There are a couple of sayings that come to mind:
‘What goes around, comes around’ and ‘Karma’  -BTW one of my favourite programmes is ‘My Name is Earl’.

In recent weeks my team were working on a replacement business solution for a client.
The client had come to us via an a friend of an Associate who was working for our company.

The situation involved one of their key operational tools that kept failing due to email indexing issues.
What also did not help was  that the client organisation had fallen out with their  supplier of  14  years and all previous versions. Or, was it the other way round!

After taking over the system, re-writing the procedure guide we outsourced its stablisation with the precedent that our organisation would not be held responsible for its source code or continued issues.

The good news is that the system became stable. We then suggested a business review at a cost of 10 days in November 2007. The client agreed but only made a part payment once the work was completed. In addition, they found the 3 solution’s suggested too expensive. After some client holiday breaks and what appeared as a lack of confidence to adhere to our recommendations the project was restarted but with a client request to find another 3 but cheaper solutions. No additional costs were to be applied at this stage as the remaining payment appeared to be held in ransom.

The business review was restarted, additional development from new solution  providers developed and remote demonstrations organised. In parallel 2 iterations of functionality Vs requirements Vs capability were issued.
Remote demonstrations were selected as the 3 vendors needed access to their development environments to effectively simulate each proposed solution. NB All signed Non Disclosure Agreements.

Cutting to the chase, the client decided to go direct to one of the solution providers rather than use our company to perform essential systems integration work (a questionable justification was stated). The client did pay the balance of owed consultancy  – it took 8 months.

As a company we felt that we had tried hard to find a good solution. Maybe we were being strung along and often there is no way of telling if one is or not. I remember somebody once said that one company had decided to only do business with good people. However, I’m still of the opinion that if one has a clean, humble and honest heart one can hope to succeed.

Life goes on and in business you can only work hard and wish for genuineness.

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