Singh is Kinngh film review

Just to start with, it is certainly worth reading the article posted / sourced via Sikhnet on the 2008 bollywood movie, Singh is Kinngh.

Last year I presented at a Sikh camp in the UK and suggested we need to create our own media. This is one answer and this film says that such desperate times need desperate efforts. We needed to assemble good media right now and more than ever!

I skimmed through the film Singh is Kinngh – I wanted to see if my fears about the film were warranted. The skimming was the result of my cringing and the fact that it was hard to concentrate. My fears about this film are warranted. The film contains swear words and variable views of Sikhs and that is putting it lightly.

In addition, questionable themes are revealed as the so called romantic comedy unfolds.

Let us consider the film in the context of whether we should laugh at ourselves.
Sorry, I can’t as it is too offensive. There is simply too much misinformation and humour that does not travel. Bollywood is known for slapstick comedy, sick jokes about speech impediments and the disabled. In this film slapstick is the focus. The various characters are shown as clumsy. Clowning around humour simply does not last.

Does the film show that Sikhs are cool just because they can capture villains from an aerial feat or rap with Snoop Dogg?
Hey! Sikhs know that they are already cool and they certainly do not need this kind of film to exhibit.

If you want to read an article I wrote as early as 2004 on how Bollywood always betrays Sikhs please checkout:

The sad reality is that nothing much has changed.

It is certainly strange that in a world where Sikhs are leaders in a variety of world arenas, for example: Medicine, bravery and self-less service not enough information is available about the reality of who we are.

A light on the horizon is to see how Sikhnet inspires by the way they are encouraging the annual Sikhnet Film festival.
It shows that we can be creative without being crude and cool without being cunning like the likes of Bollywood moguls.

Keep the Faith!

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  1. I completely agree with you. Bollywood is always portraying Sikhs and Punjabi culture in really weird ways. The funny thing is that this movie apparently was suppose to break those stereotypes (according to Akshay Kumar) but any Sikh out there knows that this movie probably created a million more stereotypes.

    Singh is King is a movie that i personally think is very embarrassing, stupid, and just simply RETARDED that i cant even look at any of the promos, videos, etc.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    We need to create our own media and this has to be one of the main strategies in getting ahead of the distorters.

    We have so much heritage & we need to make a lot more documentaries to ensure that people understand who we are rather than rely on others who are forgetting that we fought for freedom for all.

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