D is for Defiance

Since Thursday 7th July (the day that terrorists struck London), the only words that I can think of all begin with D.

N.B This article is not an attempt at apparent clever word-play, instead its how my mind processes and attempts to handle the state that we’re now in.D is for decline of our society and that unfortunately certain individuals have others manipulated to turn against society through resorting to cowardly acts of violence to kill innocent livesD is for destructive minds and the lack of conscience portrayed by the perpetrators of such terrorism.D is for despair of the people waiting to hear if their loved ones are missing or killed – innocently on their way to work or live their daily lives.

D is for death – the thoughts of terrorists that look for opportunities to destroy our society.

D is for disruption that is caused to our daily lives and the uncertainty that people will see in each other – the risk of becoming paranoid and victimized due to lack of knowledge.

D is for dismay and distress – The look and sense that people have about their future and safety of existence.

D is for deliberate acts of violence against innocent lives.

D is for disarm – the need to put pressure on those that support terrorist sites both virtual (computer) and physical.

D is for disillusionment that many may feel, as there is a need to find as soon as possible the guilty murderers.

D is for diversity and the strength that we can all get from the magic of respecting each other. Unfortunately we are already seeing certain press and ex high profile leaders readily accusing local (UK based / born kids) in involvement.

D is for determination and for deliverance of those that survived the violence. By exploding bombs in near Edgware the terrorists were killing people from their own religion!?

D is for defiance against those that threaten our personal freedoms because they cannot sensibility talk about their troubles.

D is for dependable – the need to be extra cautious and to trust in each other. To say no to hate crimes and yes to unity against the enemy of hate.

D is also for the desperate need for politicians to state that we should respect each other, not to create a civil war or factions that attempt to destroy the unity that can be achieved through respecting our multiculturalism.

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