Should we be paranoid?

On 8th July, I was walking through Vauxhall station and without sounding paranoid, I got the most amazing ‘dirty look’ from a fellow traveller walking the opposite way. Was it something I said or is this now what some of us will have to expect as part of the aftermath of 7/7- London and its contribution to those in society that are ignorant.

The reason why I ask is because together with the havoc that terrorists create they also create an unbalanced society. A society where although the media and politicians may attempt to reinforce expressions of tolerance and strength through recognising diversity, I feel an underlying or unfortunate undercurrent of irrelevant suspicion could start to develop. I have a great fear that we will now see a growth in right wing sympathy. We have already seen senseless attacks on places of worship. What does this tell us about the state that we are in?

Ironically on Sunday 11th July the UK commemorated the 60th anniversary of VE day. It was described as a day of defiance as hundreds of thousands arrived in Central London to observe the day. Defiance in this context should not be constrained to being just defined as being bold to stand-up against those that wish to partake in tyranny and the create chaos. Instead, a wider aspect of its stance and meaning is more applicable. For example, to not bow to the pressures of segmenting society and victimisation based on lack of mutual understanding.

9/11 was described as a ‘walk-up call’ for many in religions in terms of improving what I describe as ‘the education of awareness and respect’. Interfaith groups definitely go a long way to unite people. In the past I have commented about how great they have been to concentrate all members to unite on a central charity – The power of many coming together to both focus and deliver common good. However, although schools now teach world religions as part of their religious education, we are living in a society where materialism is ceaseless and any form of continuous learning and respect for God seems to be intentionally missed in the main stream. Religious programming (TV) is typically broadcast off-peak and often spiritual activities such as Yoga or Tai-Chi are treated as commodities. What does this tell us about the state of our lifestyle and expectations of each other? Is an attraction to materialism based on supplementing goods for happiness? Or, are we happy to be conditioned in front of our flat screens, trapped in an approved subliminal (subversive unconscious suggestion) mode or universe? A world where we are immune to the perils of humanity and injustice! Unless we ask for change in such a stance we are not going to get it. There is no Matrix Nimo waiting around the corner. Instead, we only have to put ourselves into the hearts and minds of others, constantly demanding greater quality of life and equality for all. Being agnostic is not the answer. Reality TV is not the answer. Greater exposure to the wonders of spirituality can help us all.

A helicopter or motorcycle view of the race of life shows that commercialism appears to be the lead runner but we know that eventually those that respect God and treat each other as equals without ego or alternative agendas are the true winners.

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