Sikhnet Film Festival 2009 entry

This is my entry for this year’s Sikhnet Film Festival.

I recorded it on 7th June 2009 and am grateful to my editor for helping to putting it all together.

The video aims to raise the need for continued justice but also interestingly there were a lot of suggestions from the people I interviewed. They outlined a need for both Justice and Hope. Hope that we can never see such a attrocity again and that we can respect each other.

I’ve recently been elected as chair of the Interfaith Youth Trust.  The aim is to help youth better understand each other with an aim to gain mutual respect.  Last year we held an event at the House of Lords where different youth based groups came together. They suggested that once people of different faiths get together, they develop a better understanding of their own faith. They also appreciate common themes. I wonder if such groups exist in places like India?

Here is my entry for 2009  in 2 parts:

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  1. Every time I see a video like this I am filled with a little disappointment because I know that year after year I would keep on seeing such gathering and protests and noting really is going to happen. Justice is what everyone desires but its just a thought that is in our mind. To show solidarity is good in a way that it binds us all with a common chord but we have to really take the next step forward to ensure that the we really fight in real sense for the cause that we stand for. The question I ask is that how big a difference would it make sitting miles away in a country that offers us all the luxuries of a developed economies and protesting. Are we not just taking part just to clear our conscience.? Greater causes need greater sacrifices. Lives of our gurus teach us that never be afraid when it comes to fight for a cause. A true sikh should never be afraid to make sacrifices when it comes to fighting injustice. We know that politicians would never be interested in ensuring that justice would be given but we have to make sure that they are pressurized enough to deliver justice. So why dont thousands of sikhs fly togehter to India and sit on a “hunger strike till death” to put enough pressure on the govt to ensure that speedy justice is done.? Are there enough Sikhs willing to make such kind of sacrifice? left

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