Be inspired by Michael Jackson – Make that Change

I remembered when Elvis died. I was tucked-up in bed and listening to Radio Luxembourg. I hid the radio under my pillow to mute and soften the sound.

Last night I stayed awake until 2am, albeit that a few hours before we knew that Michael Jackson had died. My quest for knowledge was fed by updates from Twitter comments, Sky News, Fox News, BBC News and various Internet sites. In addition, I was talking and expressing my grief with some Facebook friends.
Just look at the Network peaks from the last few hours:

MJ Internet Network Peaks when he died.

MJ Internet Network Peaks when he died.

Back to MJ.

If we consider what he achieved, he did bring the world together. Technology is just a facilitator.
Michael Jackson was a gentle, inspiring and affectionate individual.
He also worked on the USA for Africa Project / Live Aid.

The words of his songs will echo in our hearts, just like Marvin Gaye’s, ‘Brother, Brother, Brother, what’s going on’!

A few months back the US voted Obama on the change ticket.
Right now, around the world, there is still heavy corruption inequality and hunger. Sure, content such as Slumbdog millionaire can highlight issues, but are they enough to prompt us to take action to make a difference to others!?

As MJ suggested what we need to do is  look at ourselves in the mirror and make that change, a change for good and harmonisation.

We have the technology all we need is the continued will, i.e: A desire to make this world a better place.

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  1. Very excellent post! Thank you for remembering MJ. He is without doubt the “King of Pop”.

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