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Back in early February 2005 (‘No time for apathy’ article) I wrote about attending the ‘make poverty history’ rally in Trafalgar Square. I remember listening to Nelson Mandela saying: ‘In this new century, millions of people in the world’s poorest countries remain imprisoned, enslaved and in chains. They are trapped in the prison of poverty. It is time to set them free.’

Back in November 2004 (‘Is band aid enough’ article) I wrote about the work of BandAid and how multi-national corporations are missing an opportunity to become more involved in offering aid and time off for staff to pursue volunteering.

Back in October 2004 (‘2005 will be 20 years since Band Aid’ article) I wrote about the need to contact your Member of Parliment, for us to work for charity events and to raise greater awareness locally about global issues.

Back in June 2004 (‘Does G8=Jee ate?’ article) I wrote about the last gathering of global leaders. Although key areas regarding for example the world HIV crisis was discussed and formed part of the agenda, I distressed over a newsreel showing a photo-call of the leaders in front of a beach with selective palm trees. Each leader dressed in their defined informal casual wear. Maybe that’s part of the problem? Maybe the world views such events as casual luxury hideaways? Maybe another way to run a G8 conference is to hold it at an HIV centre, amongst those that are in trouble today. How about in the middle of Sudan. I’m sure that security could be arranged.

You could argue that all these articles simply represent words but where are the actions? Well, words can lead to ideas and ideas towards personal actions & I hope a realisation to help.So a year later we are back to another G8 summit. Last week Sir Bob Geldof, one of the original founders of Band Aid finally agreed to a multi-national gig on 2nd July. The very same day that the G8 leaders will meet in Edinburgh. The event is to be called Live8.

Unfortunately, there are many that site scepticism about Live 8 in terms of what it can actually deliver for the poorest in Africa. Sir Bob Geldof and the team behind Live 8 suggest that is precisely why the objective this time is not fund-raising but awareness-raising. Tickets for the event will be available through an SMS lottery and I really hope that the airtime /telephone companies do not charge / profit with through the sms handling/service charges.

A massive rally is planned in Edinburgh on the 2nd July and many organisations have already started to mobilise the logistics for this event.

20 years after the original Live Aid event, there is still a struggle for life (food, sanitisation, education, health, corruption…) in many parts of the world. Recently it was reported that by 2020 an estimated 2Billion people in the world will be living in shanty and makeshift shelters.

I want to see a time when we write about the harmonisation that took place in the 21st century. When we all got together and demanded change rather than being patient pacifiers. If you get a chance to attend the Live8 event, enjoy it, but most of all yell for freedom from poverty, ‘NOW’!

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