The Apprentice 2007 (UK) is over

More of a question for UK residents. Last night (Wed 13th June 2007), Simon won against Christina.

For Alan Sugar (the US has Donald Trump!), he suggested that was it a question of him needing someone he could mould rather than picking someone that was rather more experienced?

Maybe the whole point of the programme is to find someone who can exhibit adaptation skills? Or, are such reality TV programs too artificial?

In the context of the business games selected, they tested a select set of competencies. For example,

Financial Planning

Politics was rife and the ugly side of people was at times cringe worthy as they desperately fought for earning £100,000 per year.

Episode 11 saw the candidates being grilled and one being told he was ‘too nice and would be eaten alive in the business world’! Not a good advertisement for business or promoting an ethical business stance.

We need to realise that in the so called, ‘fun of it all’, simulation is only part of the story!

What is the true motivation of viewers and the participants. Is it fame, glory or a personal desire to gain skills that they believe can make them successful millionaires.
NB It was only two weeks go when the BBC aired a programme to show their personal lifestyles and drivers. No that was reality.

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