When a good feeling needs to move beyond being just personal

I’m not a big fan of shows like Idol or X-factor but I did manage to catch the latest episode of American Idol on Sunday afternoon.

As the programme approaches the final showdown, the remaining hopefuls are treated to being coached by an established band or artist, then singing their songs in front of a live studio audience and let us not forget the public eagerly waiting at home to sms / text their votes (at a cost!).

This week it was the turn of Bon Jovi. Both Jon and the band’s keyboardist primed a number for each budding starlet. A particular favourite of mine is Blaze of Glory, from the film Young Guns. I love Jazz and Soul music and Soft rock. I believed that I had the song on tape somewhere but whilst shopping at Asda the next day I managed to find a wonderful CD compilation entitled: The Best of Bon Jovi – Crossroad. On the way home in the car I slide the newly acquired CD into my car stereo and clicked forward to track 9.

Later in the evening I considered that I had not seen the accompanying video for years. The first place I thought I could try and find it was, yes you’ve guessed it – YouTube. After a few seconds of searching there it was. I sat back and reminisced.

The video can be seen at my website: Amazingly, since the video was loaded almost a year ago it has been viewed 360,524 times!

Why the long story about a single track?

I wondered about the power that we all have. Firstly, to be entertained, and then to be able to locate product and own it. Finally, to go online and find additional references and resources to further fuel my enjoyment.

I wondered how easy it was for me to fulfill my desire to remember the past by feeling good about an old song and then spending £6 for a compilation CD. I did not think twice about gaining that good feeling.

For today’s consumer, researcher, student or collaborative initiative, technological innovation continues to drive both personal motivation and the economy.

Is this power a force for good ? Potentially, yes – especially if initiatives such as: http://www.keepachildalive.org/  make a difference – KEEP A CHILD ALIVE is an urgent response to the AIDS pandemic ravaging Africa. It aims to help by raising funds for urgently required medication. The website also talks about how Anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment has transformed the lives of people with AIDS in the West, returning them from sickness to health. But less than 5% of children with AIDS have access to these life-saving drugs. It encourages the site visitor to help by donating.

Maybe if we were all taught to feel good about giving or contributing to the world as part of our daily life, for example, apportioning some of our earnings with tax breaks to help or even looking at how we twin our cities across the world (developed to developing) – we would make the world a better place. If 360,524 people have seen the Bon Jovi video for a good feeling, imagine how much potential motivation for ‘good’ that totals.

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