The day I lost my mobile

For international readers mobile=cell phone. It was last Friday that I had a bit of a nightmare day. Firstly, I couldn’t find my mobile phone and secondly by the late evening a client was experiencing difficulty in getting hold of me (they eventually did phone my office land line). Anyway, back to the phone episode.
My mood started to go off as attempted to re-trace my footsteps. I first went for a long bath or soak, thinking that clearing my mind and relaxing might enable or facilitate a ‘Eureka’ moment – Ah! I must have dropped it ………….. Bad news, that didn’t help.

I decided on a scientific approach: I called the phone company who confirmed that no calls had been made from the phone since Thursday at 18:50. The phone company’s call centre asked if I wanted to cancel the phone line at the same time suggesting that most stolen phones are used for both stealing call time and technology. I decided not to suspend the phone and instead consider that it may have fallen from my sports bag somewhere in the house.
I remembered that I was at the gym the night before and that it could have fallen from my sports bag while rushing from the car to the gym entrance. I then decided to drive to the gym. By the way in the morning I had already called them three times to look around – they could not finds it either. Upon arriving at the gym I searched the car park, reception, corridors and aerobics studio – Still no success in locating it.

I eventually decided to give up and head for the office. My mind was pre-occupied of the thought of having to call the phone company to cancel the phone line, get a new sim card and establish some new or old phone hardware for it to run on.
Later in the afternoon I went home to have a closer look but still no success in its possible location and retrieval. Frustrated and annoyed at myself for having not taking enough care to look after my phone, I thought I would try calling the gym one more time. This time, ‘success’- a cleaner had handed it in during their night shift! I was thankful for the person’s honesty and integrity.

Later once reunited (!) I wondered how this episode reflected in my attitude to life. For example, we are given our shell / body and there is a hope that it will be a strong vessel for our soul. We spend time working out physically but do we recognise spiritual strength. Do we cherish the soul enough? My mood had been affected by a materialistic item, yet I needed to understand that what I have spiritually should be recognised as more important and essential.

Enriching the soul is important as materialism will not follow us when we leave this world. In terms of the mobile phone, I will get my upgrade next year but in the meantime, I need to keep on maintaining my own direction from a spiritual developmental level.

Categories: 2006, Spirtuality

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