It appears to me that fascism is returning or am I just being the bearer of doom and gloom? OK, let us take a look at some evidence.

Firstly, the tide of the National Front in France may have lead to the questionable policy changes in mainstream French politics. For example, their apparent need to attract the extremist thoughts of the right wing – it was an easy convienance to confuse respect for diversity with a strange interpretation of secularism?

In the United Kingdom, last Thursday 4th May local council elections took place. The figures speak for themselves…The British National Party (BNP – formerly and alternatively known as – The National Front) doubled its number of councillors in England. Russell Green, who won a seat in Sandwell, said the BNP was ‘on its way’. Where to? Is my question. The underlying policies of this organisation are based on hate, scaremongering and feeding of fear. Does this mean that we are on our way back to no-respect, ethnic cleansing, living in fear of one’s neighbours, no mutual respect, disregarding the importance of respecting people as human or simply a simple case of white supremacy rules?

We seemed to have forgotten the importance of the fact that it is not about the difference between each other, but it is about the relationships we build, keep and cherish.

However, with the resurgence in right wing thinking, ‘miscommunication’ is the key word today. Are we at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is yet to come? Will all the investment migrants have made over the years be lost? Should we start transferring some of our money abroad in case of a mass repatriation campaign? Am I in a panic for no reason?

I suggest that emphasising the importance of unity starts from today. We need to crush the thoughts of the right wing. We need to catch this virus early enough so that our antidote will be more effective. ‘Nipping it in the bud’!

Lets go back in time to Nazi Germany. When Hitler started his campaign of targeting the Jews did anyone realise that it would lead the nation into a holocaust? Today, we should be wiser to ‘head’ off such situations from occurring again.

One way to ensure that we all remain free to respect each other is to reach inside for the will to help each other. I am confident that a global approach to world issues will unite people and resources. For example, greater links between schools from different countries, between developmental projects and viewing the world from someone who has no water or shoes can help us see the world as a single community.

Empathy can be a powerful agent of change. We need to steer our politicians not be stirred by them to hate each other. Only then can we ward off the evil of complexities, insecurities and superiority.

To deliver peace we must exercise it first.

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