The importance of Spirtuality

It is interesting that if you Google the word, ‘Body Temple’ you are rewarded with searches such as: ‘Body Temple – Buy with confidence, bodybuilding supplements and sports accessories. buy bodybuilding supplements & sports and the Body Temple Gym &… Read More ›

Celebrating Vaisakhi

Although Vaisakhi concurs with the first harvesting of the crops for the year – considered as a celebrating harvest festival in North India.Sikhs have a specific reason for celebration. On this memorable Baisakhi day (March, 30 of A.D.1699), Guru Gobind… Read More ›

Interfaith for youth

It has been an interesting week. On Monday 3rd March I was asked to attend a workshop at the House of Lords, re: ideas for projects to help youth appreciate and respect each other, i.e: our religious differences. The Trust… Read More ›

Sustaining Relationships

Over the weekend I was attending a function where my sister and her family were also present. During the function my sister approached me and said that her 3 year old daughter had just declared to her the following, ‘You… Read More ›

One minute meditation

In The Times this last weekend an excellent article appeared about the value and technique for performing one minute’s worth of meditation. The article spoke about finding a place of solitude and focus on breathing. I also recently heard that… Read More ›