The importance of Spirtuality

It is interesting that if you Google the word, ‘Body Temple’ you are rewarded with searches such as: ‘Body Temple – Buy with confidence, bodybuilding supplements and sports accessories. buy bodybuilding supplements & sports and the Body Temple Gym & Fitness Centre.

Clearly we live in a body conscious world where thousands of products are available to help you: clean-up, paint up, and in some cases fix-up. Television programmes obsess about the ideal weight and shape. Diets range from low fat this, low fat that and diet pills! NB There are some great programmes on being more aware of diseases and staying healthy.

Across the world exercise clubs fill up in the early hours and if there is any spare air time one can always view the famous range of 12minute experiential advertisement trailers on the latest gizmo to ‘turn your life’ around.

I’m certainly keen on ensuring that we all watch what we eat, for example: watching ones cholesterol level, reducing salt and eating more roughage. My point is simply how the mind works in terms of the need to place priority on internal issues. For example, do we get up in the morning and consider the importance of spirituality, not just to exercise the mind because we have to – but to consider being thankful for being here and establishing connection to God.

Recently I had a chance to view an interesting documentary on alternative therapies. The BBC 2 series on Alternative therapies saw Professor Kathy Sykes set off on a personal and scientific journey to explore three popular, and fast-growing, alternative therapies: meditation, hypnotherapy, and reflexology. In search of answers Kathy traveled to Nepal, Italy and across the length and breadth of Britain and the USA. She uncovered historical origins full of allure and mysticism. She even tried each therapy for herself and it was great to see her share her honest reactions.

When practicing mediation (the key word here being ‘practice’) she admitted that it did help her. I heard recently that meditation has an immediate affect. On the few occasions that I have been to a Kundalini Yoga session, I’ve noticed how it refreshes the mind. I need to make more time to attend!

Saying this, the point of my article is to suggest meditation is good but it is different to Naam Simran. Simran refers to the remembrance of God by repetition or recital of His Name – The process brings calmness to the mind and allows one to concentrate on God. The process is to allow one to ‘connect’ to the Creator. Sikhs prefer the name ‘Waheguru’ to other names of God. Sometimes, the person doing simran will do this as part of a group or individually. Early morning is normally the preferred time although no one time period is considered more sacred than another.

Both physical and mental development is essential – Our personal journeys are our own and it is important to note our body temples do not last forever. We take the journey with us.

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