BBC World news revamp

I’ve heard that the new look for BBC World news will be in place from 21st of April. Apparently, this is after 18 months of work costing over half a million pounds. The purpose of the exercise is to bring together all strands of the BBC News brand, for example: online, local, international etc, i.e: under a strong recognised brand / logo. Its weekday bulletins on BBC One will be renamed The BBC News at One, Six and Ten while BBC News 24 becomes BBC News. Under the changes viewers outside the UK will watch BBC World News, rather than BBC World, and all news programmes will feature a revised globe graphic.

The BBC has said…

“We are simplifying the branding structure. The marketplace is getting more and more cluttered and it was important to harness the various parts of BBC News”

I wonder about this cost, albeit that it has been suggested that the latest branding will last 5 years. My concern is about the return on capital employed. No, not as a financial measure of investment vs return but in terms of the value that we get as the main end clients and source of BBC funds.

I’ve spoken about the need for positive media in the past but I also believe that any news service must be reflective of today’s society. Too many times key events are overlooked or simply considered as non-newsworthy. Take for example, the need to spread good news in the areas of community cohesion. On many occasions massive events are given less that 10seconds of air time. Surely, the communication of communities working for good causes will create a sense of common purpose. The nations psyche will then evolve around mutual respect.

Who does set today’s agenda? Is the media lead by what is fashionable or is there a sense of sadistic pleasure to raise someone’s profile and then to drop them from a great height.

It is easy to blame the media and outlets, maybe we should consider that the media is simply reflecting what is happening in today’s society.

On Sunday I gazed at the magazine racks of a local supermarket. It always amazes me how there are so many different interests and hobbies. Each has its own set of enthusiasts and followers. It must be hard for outlets like the BBC to filter news that it believes will have a general appeal. This is where my main issue lies, re: the cost of the revamp. Don’t get me wrong, I value the impartiality, the wonderful presenters and format of many of the documentaries and features. My concern is about the need for greater investment in time, research and understanding what matters to people. Revamping to re-enforce a brand is fine but if the quality of what is being delivered remains unchanged, then it is a bit like placing a new coat on an existing car. Maybe what is really needed is the fine tuning of the engine.

* More community based stories
* The voice of diversity
* Allowing the public an opportunity to present news
* Not being mean on the time given to massive community gatherings

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