Time to focus

I read recently Times article entitled, ‘Angelina Jolie and the superfast generation Nothing happens quickly enough for us anymore‘. It was suggested that, ‘Barack Obama stands out like a welcome beacon of zen. This week in an overheard aside to… Read More ›

1st Smooth Groovers Gig

As you may know, I with a friend, The Professor run the Smooth Groover Review Licensed Podcast. We’re holding an event on 21st Oct 2007, Noon-6pm (The Guru Restaurant followed by Studio 1 at Watermans) in West London.

Laughter across the globe

This afternoon I had a crazy little idea. No, not because I had some spare time. Inspired by laughing clubs in the East I wondered, ‘What if I could re-create the magic of feeling good, but virtually’. As I said,… Read More ›