Reaction to death of Drummer Lee Rigby – We need to focus on community projects to iron out radical elements.

It has been 48 hours since the horrific killing of Drummer Lee Rigby.  I can’t get it out of my mind in terms of the impact on his family and the sheer obnoxious nature of the thugs who carried out the crime. I need to buy a Help for Heroes T-shirt ASAP and show the world that fighting for liberty is what I believe in and am proud of.

I’ve also seen the way the press have handled the reporting of these tragic events. For example, there is a debate raging regarding the potential free publicity for the terrorists videos recorded by the public just after they (the terrorists) conducted their act of evil.

I also ask where is the focus on the family?

I’ve also seen the line of faith groups and suggested representatives coming forward to show their side-by-side condemnation. I worry that people will not see that faith is a unifier both from a personal perspective to bond with God and also from a group perspective to follow through that all are blessed to be here on this Earth. The words are: Sarbat da bhala which means “may everyone be blessed” or “may good come to all”. This is a term from an important part of the Sikh prayer called the Ardas. This term forms an important part of Sikh philosophy. It binds the Sikh to ask for the “well being of everyone in the world”. In establishing this concept, the Sikh Gurus set a new standard for the Sikhs – not only should the Sikhs pray for their own well-being but also need to ask for the blessing of “all the peoples of the world”.

If all religions suggest peace, then why does radicalisation occur?

Is it a case of the minority fringes of extremism spoiling it for the rest of us? Or, is it simply down to politics and the manipulation of religion for personal gain. In a world where sadly possessions and borderlines are important, maybe these two items are the source of most disputes. For example, if someone builds an outhouse too close to your house’s official borderline, not respecting the gap suggested by the authorities, where does the responsibility of enforcement sit? Once a civil dispute commences tempers could flare and sadly radicalisation is born. In addition, if borders are exploited for personal gain, that too can lead to trouble. How do we resolve these issues on a wider scale?

Right now we should be thankful that there is a shared sense of hurt rather than a harsh reaction. A recent episode in Sweden has been nights of rioting!? The right wing groups will be the first to stir-up trouble so we need to be extra vigilant. re: an attack of any kind.

We need to remind people of the value of living in the UK. My father came to the UK in 1958 and over the years worked honestly, paying his taxes and being loyal to the values of freedom that this country gives to exercise our faith and respect our community. Today I’m sensing that this feeling of community cohesion is demising. Reason? Because as a society we need to seriously consider if we are truly that integrated?

What we really need in local towns and on a grassroots level is help to facilitate the spirit and concept of the ‘greater good’.

This will close off any signs of radicalism that could be germinating below us or in our midst, to lash out when we least expect it. This needs leadership from a political perspective, to communicate common ideals, valued differences and shared personal experiences. We need people to come together on a local level to link with towns internationally and join-up the world, i.e.: Living on the other side of a border to see what their problems are and to develop joint solutions.

If today’s radicals can see that the troops from many countries are trying to settle those countries into some kind of order.
If they can see that the greater good is what is being fought for.
If we can share in the potential that everyone has by removing ego and celebrating life.
If we can get local unifier initiatives, not necessarily religion focused.

Then we have a chance to stop this from happening again and leading the world in creating peer orienatated community harmony.


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