Breaking out of Apathy

It’s been a while since I posted to my blog and there are a number of reasons.
However, let us first return to why I’ve bothered to write anything in the past. My motivation has not been driven on ego although the very nature of a blogs presence sitting on the public web is in itself a public stance of exhibitionalism. Instead, I consider my personal confidence as a way of contributing to making a difference based on my experiences & desire to standup for truth & the themes of my life comments/ commentary. My faith also ingrains me to fight for the defenceless. 

Back to the reasons for not writing or updating my web journal. Firstly, apathy & seeing life pass me by. I’ve tried to reduce some of my interests based on general mental fatigue. Over a month ago I finished a 10 month work assignment with a very large technology company. The job title was grand yet I felt there was so much more could help with. Sadly, the organisations focus was inward looking, probably reflective of our economic climate, coupled with elements of management protectionism and a ‘play it safe’ attitude. Like most firms some of the people were dedicated whilst others control orientated. The latter lead to enter deep modes of soul searching and not acting as my true self. My change of behaviour or point of negative inflection occurred in November 2012. It was fifteen minutes of subsersive comments made by another person in what I believed was conducted to dampen my enthusiasm and contain my position. Maybe I read too much into what was said as I should have just carried on. NB I still did my work and achieved project success but my normal style of delivering effective business projects had been tampered with. Instead of being funky, friendly, collaborative and relishing in the joy of others all of this had to be tempered down. My spirit still encouraged me to contribute to best practice through developing a shared knowledge centre and even a 36 page handover document!

Currently, I’m working on an amazing project that will impact the lives of many in the area of blood & organ donation. I also hope it will give me complementary bandwidth to contribute more content online. It’s early days but I’m amazed by the donors from all walks of life and centre staff that work so hard. We should be grateful to all the teams that are involved.

Secondly, shock, driven by recent events. The Sajjan Kumar acquittal & Professor Bhulller death sentence announcements suggest contradictions & inconsistencies. I wonder if my little blog will inspire myself or others to communicate more, especially as the mainstream western press are playing a convenient game of ignorance. In the case of the 1984 pogroms when thousands died its now almost 29 years and strangely no one has been found guilty? 

Now I’m making a commitmenht to communicate more and to step out of the shadows & create compelling media that will hope to penetrate the barriers of denial. As I’ve said in the past, ‘if we don’t create media and expose the truth, somebody else will do it for us’…

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