Does Business Blogging work ?

In the past I’ve written about the potential of Blogging.
The Dr Savi blog site has been posting articles since Oct ’03.

I recently found this image to be close to my thoughts on the potential of business blogging.

Business Blogging map

In the past we developed the K-Wiki. The concept was to have a home for best practice for e-Learning and media et al.
However, although we had thousands of visits there still appeared no interaction. Maybe the reality is that the web is actually passive and that in order to encourage participation content has to be aligned to business needs rather than information dispersal. For example, discussions can promote dialogue between existing clients and suppliers.

One theory implied by this diagram and my thoughts is that great content can lead to respect but also proliferation of what you are about as an organisation.

In the past I ran a series of video podcasts. Now we reserve them for best practice.

In terms of our audio podcasts I’m planning a radical review of what is issued.

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  1. Indeed corporate Wikis can and can not work. The problem is still the question of time commitment when adding content to the Wiki. As long as it it purely informational, the corporate Wiki will have a hard time to lift off. Only when migrating corporate processes or required interactions to the Wiki, it sees to get some fundemantal traffic. But then you might want to ask, why not a basic intranet site instead?

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