Obama’s perspective

In this day and age it is great to see someone speaking frankly, humbly and portraying a good sense of humour.
It was nice to see Obama make a great comic delivery – see the first 3-4 minutes of part 2, the first video below.
Later, I love the way that he implied that community is important, especially for us to all come together to help.
Although he refers to the US, the same is true for the world.

There is clearly a need for greater harmonisation, especially in a world where there are some who have so much and many who have nothing.

If his passion is for real then there is a ray of optimism in the air for us all, with fresh perspectives and ideas.

If I was cynical I would say that we cannot change institutions away from their greed.
Being optimistic I like to think that soon the world will wake up and recognise that we are all the same and all we need is for us to ask ourselves and our institutions to think beyond the dollar. Harmonisation through community based projects could be a great way to unite the world and give everyone a fair chance.

Categories: 2008, Anti-Poverty

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