2nd Prize in Sikhnet Film Festival 2008

Wow! I’m grateful to Sikhnet for awarding me the 2nd Prize in the 26yr+ age category.

Here is my submission for 2008. Copyright terms deployed were under the ‘Fair use’ policy.
My aim was to raise awareness for the to make positive media rather than have others depict us inappropriately.

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  1. Dr Sav

    Thought provoking movie. But I think “Singh is King” is fairly innocent harmless stuff and its overall good PR – showing Sikhs as heroes, albeit through comedy. It was funny (especially first half) and had some very positive messages about Sikhs as a resourceful, passionate and honest people. I now understand other movies intend to copy the Sikh as a hero concept (which to my mind has all been made sub-consciously possible by Dr Manmohan Singh being in his position as prime minister of India).

    As far as the stereotyping goes, it’s not universal that Sikhs are transporters of some type. Often they are other comedic mechanisms like student mates or (regrettably) as depreciated as drinkers.

    Although it does not make it right, Sikhs are in fact heavily involved in the transport industry (there were a type of pioneering nomad of India reaching and the world by their power in this industry, be it haulage, taxis or motor parts). But I guess it’s the same in the UK depicting Indian’s as shop keepers or doctors.

    Anyway congratulations on your award.


    PS What was the 1984 movie? It was engaging…

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