Back on Radio 2

Here is the transcript of my appearance on Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones – Transmitted ‘live’ on 6th Jan 2008.
It was fun and an honour to share thoughts and views…

Savi was with us a few weeks ago during Radio 2’s Faith In The World week in which he talked about technology and religion – and in Savi’s case – Sikhism and podcasting … remind us what you do

We’re up to Episode 33 and starting our 3rd year of transmission. Every 10 episodes Savi puts together a compilation show and episode 33 is now available at itunes or even !

Now for many Britons they’ll be creaking open their new diaries for 2008 … Sikhs across the world have their own Universal Calendar

Sikhs across the world have their own universal calendar. The Nanakshahi Calendar, it takes its name from Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism. It was developed by a Canadian Sikh, Pal Singh Purewal, a retired computer engineer. He started work on the new calendar in the 1960s. Purewal believes that having a unique calendar is vital for the integrity of the Sikh religion.

Aled: Talking about Calendars and dates you’ve just celebrated the birthday of the celebrated 10th Guru.

Savi: Gobind Singh’s birthday. Interestingly, in terms of calendars Sikh Guru’s dates are derived from the Solar calendar. Guru Gobind Singh Ji:

* Gave Sikhs their identity / uniform
* Fought off the repressive regime of the Mogul ethnic cleansing campaign
* Gave his life and his entire family for freedom for all
* Established the Guru Granth Sahib as the everlasting Sikh Guru.

Aled: Pope Benedict XVI has described family values as the foundation of world peace in his New Year’s Day Mass.
“The family is the first and indispensable teacher of peace,” the Pope told worshippers at St Peter’s Square in Rome.
The pontiff said that “whoever, even unknowingly, circumvents the institution of the family undermines peace in the entire community”.

Savi: In Sikh faith women have equal right. In the gurudwara everyone is equal and all work is shared by everyone talk about the institution of langar. All family takes part in everthing that happens in the sikh community. A family that pray together, stays together.

Aled: The Archbishop of Canterbury has talked about the importance of protecting the environment in a New Year message which was placed on video-sharing site YouTube. Dr Rowan Williams’ message which says God “does not do waste”, was filmed in Canterbury Cathedral and at a nearby recycling centre. He says the tendency to waste could have implications on relationships.

The Queen also used the website to post her Christmas message for the first time this year.
Dr Williams warns the short-term exploitation of resources which produces a vast amount of waste has implications for other areas of life.

Savi: Sikh Guru’s advocated honest living and respecting the Earth.

Dr Savi’s Moment of Reflection:

I wonder about New Years Resolutions?
Should we go for a detox?
Is there a need to set new goals on a special day.
Is it a great prompt to start something afresh?

Well, yes to all those, if you feel you need it.
Many of us do need to vision success or simply establish goals.
However, targets can fall apart unless they are realistic and have some support mechanisms in place.

Take for example fitness, giving up on junk food or even trying to improve your own mood or be happier.
I recently heard about an exercise that helps improve the latter.
Before you go to sleep each night consider 3 things that made you or somebody else feel happy or even an achievement mapped to your goals.

Apparently, it works! Then you will feel honored that God has given you life to enjoy!

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