2007 A Year in review

Another year had gone by so I wondered about what I had been writing about since January 2007.
In January I wrote about how different types of racism are defined in the work place, for example: Direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation.
I also remember that the media storm over the jaded characters in the Cel BB waste of time household!

Yesterday it was nice to receive a text message from someone we met whilst touring South India. I remember writing about India’s terrible death toll and also the irony between shiny new petrol stations surrounded by slums.

In February I wrote about the enormous cost of the Oscars, whether our media outlets were changing and the extent of global warming.

In March we remembered that on 25 March 1807, the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act was passed. For more than 200 years Britain was at the heart of a rich (to them!) transatlantic trade in millions of enslaved Africans.
I also wrote an article about the need for greater accuracy for documentaries. Especially as one outlining the last days of the Raj (consider that 2007 was commemorating 60 years of independence for both India and Pakistan) was full of inaccuracies and bias. We need to create higher quality media outlets!

In April I commented about the sadness of the Virginia Tech tragedy: Everyone watched with shock and horror the post nightmare of the Virginia Tech shootings. Scholars and lecturers were gunned down in a pointless sense of rage by one lost soul.

In June and July I wrote articles about the lead-up to the annual Birmingham to London cycle ride – this year the 18th with proceeds collected for the Children with Leukemia charity. I also viewed a documentary about child cocoa workers being exploited by giant multi-national confectioners.

August was the month when the actual commemorations took place for understanding that it was 60 years since independence for both India and Pakistan – So many pointless deaths instigated by a few who had the power to be more creative!

In September we saw another misleading documentary, this time: Michael Wood’s: The story of India! When we do get any good documentaries, e.g.: October’s Roots Remembered it was shown at non-peak hours! I suppose we have to make room for more reality TV!

In November it was an honour for me to meet and interview the Rev Jesse Jackson. He commented on the lack of corporate justice and responsibilities of banks.

This Month I was disturbed to hear a certain musician mouth off about British culture considering the person does not even live hear!
Hot News of the week has to be the terrible killing in Pakistan of B Bhutto.
Until the world appreciates that living is a gift and that ego should be removed, there are going to be challenges!

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