Look up, what do you see? Dark Clouds

The sky is dark, not with the richness of moisture. Instead, as a result of the constant pounding of missiles and mortar attacks. The question to ask is where are we? Whether it be South Lebanon or Northern Israel the situation is the same

In hospitals the casualties arrive with their individual stories of horror. These people are the innocent. Stuck between hell and fire with no place to go. When they look up at the sky their minds are in shock as they wait to see whether one of the rockets will land near or on them.

A mother in an open hospital ward sits in a chair crouched with her head in her hands. Moments earlier she had lost her husband. On her left side is a cot with her baby battered by a bomb, sedated, still and silent in shock with pain. To her right side lies her young son. He lies on his side with his left check exposed – red and bloody from the attack. Freckles of shrapnel cover his face. He too lies still. The mother continues to sob and all we can do is feel for their pain.

As I sit here blogging in front of my computer I feel inadequate, helpless and sorry for the innocent. What have they (the innocent) done? Amongst the propaganda the truth is the pain of the innocence.

Thousands of foreigners are being evacuated in anticipation of more attacks or a major ground move / offensive. There are no boats of safety for those that remain.

The pain of the innocent is unseen but a fact, a reality and the truth behind the new rain of attacks between the two countries. The situation is complicated by statements such as ‘right to defend’, the apparent support being given to the Hezbollah. and the current non involvement of the: Lebanonese army. In addition, further words are used by the media: ‘Excessive force’ and ‘Hidden bombs’. When two fists collide then a 3rd party has to step-in to ‘iron out’ some sense. Can Connie broker a deal?

What can we do? How long will it be before a ceasefire is realised? Can we assume or belief in the United Nations? Is blogging, reading newspaper updates or watching events being unravelled before us all we can do? Unfortunately the answer is yes? It appears that humanity is passive and self-centred. No one stops to help the innocent. No one wants to get involved. Maybe in the risk of becoming implicated – yet we are implicated by being passive.

We need to dig deeper into finding a solution. Where are the arms coming from? Who are their suppliers? Why is there not a greater sense of urgency to resolve the issue? I still believe that if we collectively campaign for peace with our respective governments the attitude of apathy can be removed.

The picture of an innocent family suffering the pain of destruction should be powerful enough for anyone to grasp the urgency of the need for a resolution. Those that press the buttons only have to look up to the sky and realise that we are one world with different cultures that can live together –

As the earth beneath us is only divided by ourselves.

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