How long does a Blog last?

Back in 2002 it was reported that only approximately 200,000 blogs existed in the world. However, by the end of the last US election campaign over 30million had been created.

The word Blog is derived from two words: WeB and Log. Its origins as a journal mechanism have stood it good ground as a tool for the ‘everyday’ person to express their view from their own little platform. Google were early visionaries to view the potential for this facility. They purchased Blogger.

Blogging has matured into now offering picture, video and mobile journaling. New organisations offering blogging tools are rapidly appearing / emerging – some that charge for their services, for example audioblog (now renamed hipster) for video and audio streaming (some are unmetered) and You Tube – Free for all to upload their videos.

These services are ideal for personal and networking (social) sites such as or These networking sites incorporate personal profiles and the power to both blog and display videos of interest.

The question to really ask is whether blogging will enter the corporate arena and be considered a serious business tool.

At this moment it seems that there is an opportunity. Knowledge Hemispheres believe that because the technology is still widely viewed as new, young, hip and social there is a need for greater corporate awareness of its potential. One such example could be by setting up sharable site around the world of corporate learning. For example e-Learning and Knowledge Management communication. If students in the real world actually enjoy interaction on a social and academic level – what stops this from becoming virtual, spreading across national borders.

With correct tagging, cross-referencing such tools could prove invaluable to helping organisations learn and develop their staff.

Once the concept of the power of blogging becomes established in a corporate entity only then will other departments be willing to place their trust in this technology.

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