Your personal radio is now here (or hear!)

Over the last month I’ve been working on a new project, its called podcasting. A bit like Tivo – also known as TV on demand.

With the advent of the mp3 player, audio on the move has taken an even more dynamic path than the original Sony Walkman tape recorder. You can now shrink thousands of songs on to personal player.

Podcasting is a relatively new pass-time. Basically, the consumer can now move into production of audio or video content. The possibilities are truly amazing.

My team and I have now recorded the first episode of Sikhwithin. It is a regular podcast that aims to share knowledge about Sikhism through thoughts focused on honest living and equality for humanity. Join us by contributing and listening to our blog and weekly podcast by sending your Internet browser to the following link:

Establishing the Podcast ‘out there’!
It is amazing that there are now many podcast directory sites. Consider them as the Yahoo/Google equivalent of a list of available podcasts. We have now started to register the one that we have just recorded. To actually get on a listing/site, the podcast directory owners have to authenticate our podcast. It is quite easy to get a podcast if you use i-Tunes. Once found you can quickly transfer it to your connected ipod (Apple Computer’s device).

Listening online.
If you do not have a personal mp3 player, for example an i-pod, you can hear the episode/show online.

What is the format of the show and what is in it this week?
The format of the show has been structured into a number of parts:

Introduction – A summary of the show format
Shabad (Sikh Hymn) / Translation (In English)
An aspect of Sikh History
Featured CD of the week (Hopefully over time some interviews)
A Sikh Story
Related Interfaith Songs/Messages/

This week we feature a wonderful CD track/snippet from Dya Singh (Australia) with an built-in translation half-way through the Shabad. Featured on the CD: Naam. The track is called: Man mero gaj, jehba meri koati

We cover some aspects of what it was like at the time when Sikhism was just emerging from Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

We are very grateful to Indi Kaur for allowing us to feature a snippet from her recently released CD, Keep on Walking.

This week we also feature a snippet from Snatam Kaur’s ‘Long Time Sun’ CD track. The CD is called Grace.

We close with some snippets from Stevie Wonder (‘Have a talk with God’ from the acclaimed, Songs in the Key of life double long player) and One Giant Leap (‘Racing Away’), the latter bringing to humanity the wonders of world music.

Resources, Support and Thanks:
We are grateful to Mr Gurumustuk Singh:

You can hear and get connected to buying some great CDs from:

As previously mentioned our Thanks to Indi Kaur.
You can listen to further snippets of her CD and get an opportunity to buy it online at:

The research for this podcast this week have been based on:

Biography of Guru Nanak – Hemkunt Press and
A Brief History to Sikhism by Mr G.S Sidhu – SMSociety

Please feel free to send us your feedback. Take Care and believe in Waheguru (The wonderful Lord God).

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