Keep on Walking – CD Review

In early 2005, Indi Kaur released a unique CD. The CD is the result of Indi Kaur working closely with her producer, MaJiKer and powerful lyricist Harjit Singh. What we have today is the blend of soulful and spiritual sounds that touch that special place in everyone’s hearts. What is it about each track that affects anyone that listens to it?The first and penultimate tracks of the CD are ideal mantras for meditation – the sound is tranquil and peaceful, meditative yet contemporary. An additional final track (seven) is also provided for longer mediation periods.

The second track of the CD outlines the story of Baba Deep Singh, a great Sikh hero. Initial wording such as, ‘Waheguru’s light gives him his glow’ immediately provides vivid imagery. A fusion of traditional instruments, modern keyboards, extended synthesised vocals, Indi’s harmony’s and quick start and ending shuffles gives the track the quality of travel to parallel the associated story of the journey of courage for freedom.When I first heard the third and title track, ‘Keep on Walking’ I found that it was both uplifting and inspiring. It communicated the way Guru Nanak worked to bring peace, love and harmony to a world caught-up in superstition and inequality. The soulful nature of the track is climaxed again and again with the words, ‘he is shining, he is shining with the rising sun’. The chorus is made-up of echoed harmonies linked to the words Waheguru, meaning wonderful lord.
The forth track entitled, ‘A Khalsa Woman (Mai Bhago) comprises of a back beat based on a rhythmic smooth groove. The song gives credit to Mai Bhago who back in 1705 enthused and energised both Sikh men and women to return to battle the Mughal forces. As the Sikh forces made they made their way back, groups of Sikhs from various villages along the way joined them in support of the great Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

The track entitled Sacrifice communicates the greatness of the Sikhs tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. It commences with marching drums combined with what sounds like orchestral kettledrums. The track then settles into a steady pace of story telling – we learn about how the Guru’s entire family were sacrificed for the cause of freedom. The chorus flows with multiple harmonies peaking with an appreciation of Waheguru.

To summarise, this CD consists of seven tracks mainly in English and great meditative mantras, providing a bridge of accessibility for Sikhs and those from different faiths to understand the wonders of universal spiritual messages.

For further information please visit:

Where you can also purchase the CD – A great & recommended essential treat for the soul !

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