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Are you an e-Citizen?

This year Bill Gates, one of the founders of modern Information Technology applications celebrates 30th years in business Maybe this article should really read Microsoft celebrates 30 years in business.Here are some facts about the company, a company that started… Read More ›

Arms Unfair

In today’s world of contradictions we do not need a steady reminder of such double standards. The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) last week revealed that it invited China, subject to an EU arms embargo, to shop for weapons at… Read More ›

What is it about political agendas that suddenly appear confusing? For example, take a look at the proposed budget plans of the US Administration and the media reporting of their implications. Some Republicans (US) have suggested that Bush’s stance of… Read More ›

Katrina hits hard

One day in New Orleans the sweet sound of Jazz must have been in the air the next day unfortunate devastation took a hold all around. It appears that the rich had evacuated earlier but double-digit groups of thousands were… Read More ›

Me, We

Known as one of the shortest speeches in the world (my view), these words were uttered by boxer Mohammad Ali. It was reported as one of his opening lines at a speech he gave at Harvard University. If you’re interested… Read More ›